Black Ice (2010)

four musical reflections on a film by Stan Brakhage

The film “Black Ice” was made in 1994 by Stan Brakhage, one of the most important experimental filmmakers of the last century.

It unfolds its images at a high speed, making it very difficult for the viewer to extract one single, clearly delineated impression of it. In the (impossible) task of translating its vivid imagery to music, I tried to tune in to the above-mentioned perceptual ambiguity by creating 4 different kinds of music, each of them moving at a different pace, each one “highlighting” different aspects of the same film.

“Black Ice” is a sister piece to the piano work “The Fold”. It was composed at roughly the same time, using a very similar Open Music-patch for the generation of the rhythmical structures onto which the sounds are mapped.

Audio example, section 3